Our Story


Located by the fjord in the small town of Strendur, Snældan was founded in 1949 by Carl Olsen. It has since passed through to the following generations; to his son Odmar Olsen, and is today headed by his grandson Carl Jóhan Olsen.

The thick, rough wool carried by the Faroese sheep has been a leading factor in the development of the vibrant Faroese knitting culture. Through three generations Snældan has secured a continuation through production of knitwear embracing traditional Faroese patterns.

Snældan started out with a couple of spinning machines to process wool into yarn for customers, which at that time was the main function of the mills. Soon after, Snældan expanded into producing hand-knitted garments before purchasing its first knitting machines in the mid-sixties.

Today, the machines have been replaced to meet the increased demands for Snældan´s wool, yarn and knitwear.

Yet, the factory maintains the old-fashioned ways and one can feel its history as you pass through the only operating spinning mill in the Faroe Islands.

Once washed and coloured, the wool is passed through the various machines at the factory that separate, mix, soften and reels the wool into plied yarn. Thereafter more than half of it is sold as yarn and about 20-30% is knitted into sheets with Faroese patterns and worked into garments by Snældan´s accomplished sewing and designing team.

The products are then sold in our two stores, one in Strendur and one in Tórshavn.

If you want to visit our factory, please contact us in advance for more information.


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